The Lost Shtetl” is a unique Lithuanian Jewish Culture and Heritage project carried out by the NGO, Šeduva Jewish Memorial Fund since 2012. The key elements of the project are:


  • The restoration of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Šeduva
  • The dedication of three monuments at the town’s mass murder sites
  • A monument in the center for the Jews of Šeduva
  • Museum of Šeduva Jewish History, “Lost Shtetl”
  • A historical monograph of Šeduva Jews
  • The documentary, “Petrified Time”


The project is unique on a European scale and is already included in the prestigious list of European memorial sites compiled by the Berlin Holocaust Memorial Information Center.

Sergey Kanovich is Vilnius born poet and essayist founder of Seduva Jewish Memorial Fund and the author of idea of the Museum of Lost Shtetl. Sergey currently is Project Manager of Lost Shtetl. In February 2018  for his efforts in preserving Litvak heritage the President of Lithuania awarded him with medal “For Merits To Lithuania”. Sergey holds a BA from Vilnius State University, faculty of philology


Jonas Dovydaitis, in 1986 graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Industrial Economy. Director of the Šeduva Jewish Memorial Fund (May 2014 – Present).

Dr. Eglė BendikaitėDr. Eglė Bendikaitė, historian, researcher at the Lithuanian Institute of History. Teaches Yiddish and Jewish history at the Vilnius Yiddish Institute.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saulius KaubrysAssoc. Prof. Dr. Saulius Kaubrys, historian, since 1996 Professor of Vilnius University’s Department of 20th Century History.

Milda Jakulytė-Vasil, historian, since 2014 a doctoral student at the University of Amsterdam. Interested in Lithuanian Jewish history and culture, Holocaust history and Holocaust memory.

 Sandra Petrukonytė, in 2014 graduated from Vilnius University with an MA in Cultural Heritage Preservation. Sandra is the project coordinator at “Maceva”.

Inga Makarkova, in 2017 graduated from Vilnius University with an MA in Cultural Heritage Preservation.


Živilė Tamulionytė,  in 2017 graduated from Vilnius University with an MA in Cultural Heritage Preservation.


Irina Pocienė, a historian with 10 years’ experience of working with visitors in a museum, an educator with the Lost Shtetl Šeduva Jewish Fund, is currently continuing her master’s studies in the field of heritage conservation at Vilnius University.



Jolanta Mickutė holds her Ph.D. from Indiana University-Bloomington in the United States, in addition to M.A.s from Oxford University in England and Vilnius University in Lithuania, respectively. Besides her native Lithuanian, she knows Yiddish, Polish, Russian, German, English, and some Hebrew. She has published several articles on Jewish nationalism, interwar Eastern Europe, Jewish women, Yiddish culture, and gender. Mickutė has presented her work at conferences in Europe, Israel, and the United States.

Mickutė has worked as a researcher at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Emmanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Poland, as well as an Assistant Professor of History and European Studies at Yale University, Vytautas Magnus University, and the Vilnius Yiddish Institute at Vilnius University. She is also part of the Lithuanian non-governmental organization “Ethnic Kitchen” that engages in projects on education by means of art and innovative pedagogic methods:

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Arūnas Baltėnas, photographer. In 1979 graduated from Vilnius University, since 1980 – a member of the Lithuanian Art Photographers Union. He has been photographing Lithuanian cultural heritage for more than 30 years, recently – in various ethnic regions of Lithuania.